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How to Use Categories in a Better Way with Efficient Software (Section One)

There are many functions in Efficient Software and among them is the concept of Categories.

Setting up and Applying Categories

After opening Efficient Software, and when adding a new contact, event, task, diary, note, sticky note, password, website, or editing one already in the list, we can click ‘Edit’, select ‘Belong to Categories’ as shown below and then set the category. (Tips: Note that ‘Edit’ is the secondary Edit option on the Task form, not the Edit option on the home page that we saw when the software opened). So you select Edit on the Home Page, then Edit (Ctrl+O) again from the option list then select Edit again from the Task form.

How to set category?

Usually, we use categories to show which groups the events, tasks or others belong to, such as private life and work. This is a good way to use the Category function. But we can use Category to do other things. Some customers have asked about the functions of events module, and asked why could not the events be set as past events like the task module. It is a good question, right? Also many people want to know whether an event is a recurrent event when viewing the home page instead of only seeing it after entering the edit page. Ok, now please follow the steps below solve this by using Category. (yes, it is Category!)

Step one: Add finished or recurrent event categories. After we come to the Category page, please click ‘Category List’ and then a window pops up

Then type in ‘finished’ (it means that the event has completed, of course we can type in any words that we like to replace it, for example, we can type in ‘recurrent event’ ). Next click ’Add’, then go back to last window to assign this event to ‘finished’.

Step two: Make the category display in the home page. Click ‘Customize Current View’ on the left side and then you can set the Categories column to display on the home page. Now you can easily see whether it is a past event or not.

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