Efficient Password Manager Guide

Admittedly, many passwords are extremely important to everyone. But have you ever mixed them up? Or even forgotten them? Now Efficient Password Manager can solve you these problems. She can not only help you remember general password information, but also record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, or even passwords for your FTP accounts, etc. Only finish these few steps as following can you remember your passwords forever.

You can know more detailed information about Efficient Password Manager Network Guide.

(This guideline below takes passwords as the example, and it is similar to manage the information of registration codes, email accounts, FTP accounts and Favorite URLs.)

  1. Please download Efficient Password Manager Pro at:
  2. You can click the Password Manager button on the navigation panel or click Passwords on Go menu to go to the Password Manager module. And then click New Password on Toolbar. You can input your password and related information in the password-editing window.
  3. But sometimes, if you have the trouble to make a password? Password generator can help you. Click the trigger button in the text box of Password in the password-editing window. Password Generator will create a random password based on your requirements. It is harder to crack a randomly generated password.
  4. In order to offer you a more efficient and convenient service, passwords can be managed by group. You can click New Group on the Actions menu to create a new password group.
  5. And it is really easy and convenient to search the password. Click Search on Toolbar. You can find your password by inputting any related information in the text box of Condition in the Search Passwords module.
  6. Besides, you can enter the websites directly. Firstly, right-click the one which you want to visit. And then click Visit Web Page in the popup menu. You can enter the website successfully.
  7. And also you can copy your account ID or password to clipboard directly. At first, right-click the one which you want to copy. And then click Copy to Clipboard in the popup menu. After that, you can copy it successfully. Hence, you just need to press Ctrl+V to paste it when you want to use.
    (For consideration of information security, passwords are stored in encrypted format.)
  8. You can sync your data across PCs and mobile phones. Just click File -> Synchronize to pair device. And know more detailed instructions about synchronization at: How to Sync?

In short, Efficient Password Manager, a powerful and unique password management software program, aims to offer you a more efficient and happier life style. And you can know more detailed information about Efficient Password Manager Network Guide.

Note: this software also offers a free version, please download Efficient Password Manager Free at:

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