Continue to use the data file when I forget the Admin password?

Admin is the special account in Network version software, it mainly for users management, if the admin forgets its password (default password is "masterkey"), he can:

1.Find the data file of software in the Server computer:

2.Copy and save it into another file or change its name.
E.g: change former file name (myinformation.effw) to (myinformation new.effw)
Or change route from (C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\My Information.effw) to (C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents \EfficientPIM\My Information.effw)

3. Open the software, click File-->Connect to Server, And input this info below:
Server ID: Get from Efficient Organizer Server or User Management Window. And then click Get Server Info button. 
Server: Automatically access 
Database file: fill in route of your data file (referred above).
Username: SYSDBA (default system administrator) 
Password: masterkey (default system administrator password)

This article is also suitable for EfficientPIM, Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Address Book, Efficient Notes, Efficient Diary, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List, and Efficient Sticky Notes.

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