May 29, 2018
Efficcess for iOS 1.10 Build 103 Released!

  1. Bug Fixed: Software can not sync data in some cases.
  2. Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

Nov 29, 2017
Efficcess for iOS 1.9 Build 102 Released!

  1. Improvement: Fixed the issue of can not search devices when sync.
  2. Enhancement: Be better compatible with iOS 10 and above.
  3. Bug fixed: Software is not fully compatible with some Chinese, Japanese or Korean input methods.
  4. Bug fixed: If the start date is later than the due date In Event/Task, software may stop working or flash back when clicking Save.
  5. Bug Fix: Interface may twinkle while rotating the device.
  6. Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

Mar 4, 2017
Efficcess for iOS 1.5 Build 76 Released!

  1. Bug fixed: Devices can not search each other in sync interface for some instances.
  2. Bug fixed: Some groups can not be shown out in group list for some cases.
  3. Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

Aug 18, 2016
Efficcess for iOS 1.3 Build 69 Released!

  1. Bug fixed: App may run with error in the Dutch environment.
  2. Bug fixed: Reminders can not show correctly in iOS notification area.
  3. Enhancement: Enhanced the stability of software.
  4. Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

May 13, 2016
Efficcess for iOS 1.2 Build 65 Released!

  1. Add function: Users can sync data via mobile hot spot.
  2. Enhancement function: It is faster to "Search devices" in sync page.
  3. Enhancement function: It reduces the possibility of synchronization failures in unstable network.
  4. Enhancement function: Accelerate software running speed.
  5. Bug fixed: In some cases, there would be Error after synchronization completed.
  6. Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

Mar 3, 2016
Efficcess for iOS 1.1 Build 63 Released!

  1. Bug fixed: Interface may flash when switching horizontal/vertical screen on some devices.
  2. Bug fixed: Some Emoji can not be displayed normally in software.
  3. Bug fixed: Error may come out when inputing some particular combination of characters and then insert text.
  4. Bug fixed: Error would be given when returns to main interface after synchronization completed.
  5. Some others bugs are fixed.
  6. Update language packages and other enhancements.