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Recommended student organizer software product - EfficientPIM

Looking for a student organizer software product? EfficientPIM, a feature-packed, user-friendly and effective product, will be your right choice. It makes it easy to control your contacts, diaries, to-do lists, appointments, notes, birthdays, passwords and tasks.

  • Time Management
  • Notes Management
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Search and Find
  • Password Protection
  • Free Edition Available
  • All-In-One
  • Sticky Desktop Notes

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: $39.95
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Lithuanian, Indonesian, Japanese, Norwegian, Ukrainian, German, Hungarian, Farsi, French, Spanish, Czech, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Armenian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Danish, Bulgarian, Thai, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Finnish

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Other student organizer software provided by Efficient Software

EfficientPIM Free Free

Manage your diaries, notes, schedules, contacts, tasks, and other personal data with the versatile free PIM. Read More...

Efficient Man's Organizer $39.95

User-friendly meeting attendee software product that features calendaring, contacts storage, journaling, passwords management and notes keeping. Read More...

Efficient Lady's Organizer $39.95

Efficient Lady's Organizer, a personal information system designed especially for ladies. It offers a variety of interface styles, all designed for ladies. Read More...

Choose the right product for yourself:

Efficient Man's/Lady's OrganizerEfficientPIM
More special interface styles designed for men/women
Hierarchical subtasks
Customizing task labels
Custom fields for contacts
To-Do List & Project & Task Manager
Searching information as simple and fast as Google
Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing diary entries
Read-only mode support
Sounds Good?Efficient Man's/Lady's OrganizerEfficientPIM
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Testimonials & Reviews

"... On top of those that were subjected to practical testing, at least ten others were reviewed and determined to be inadequate for my needs. The closest contender from my testing was an app called "Debrief" ( From a concept point-of-view, Debrief was a bull's-eye for the application I was seeking. ... I am sure you can extrapolate how the EP modules could all interoperate on that approach. And just to nitpick - I'd also like to be able to use a hot-key combo to time stamp my entries within a Diary record (or Note or any other module). ..."

- Joel A. Knox

"We found Efficient Man's Organizer Free Portable to be a competent, well-designed personal organizer with all the scheduling tools and reminders busy people need to stay organized, with the added advantage of total portability and the decided appeal of freeware. We're not sure what makes it specifically manly, other than the holiday reminder, which some might consider badly needed. ... The app's sun-face logo might actually put some men off a bit, or at least raise quizzical eyebrows, but the tool itself is well worth a look."


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