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Recommended post it notes on computer software program - Efficient Sticky Notes Pro

Efficient Sticky Notes Pro is an award-winning and powerful post it notes on computer software product that can help you manage your sticky desktop notes. It's not quite as light as air, but it is far more environmentally and aesthetically friendly than covering the edge of your monitor with paper notes.

  • Multiple Interface Styles
  • Free Edition Available
  • Classification Management
  • Recognition from Authoritative Software Editors
  • Easy to Use
  • Network Edition Available
  • Easy to Search and Find
  • Easy to Install

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: $19.95
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Croatian, Bulgarian, German, Indonesian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Slovenian, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Lithuanian, Farsi, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Finnish, French

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Efficient Sticky Notes Free

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Choose the right program for yourself:

EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
Recurrent Tasks Setting
Adding Unlimited Pictures to Contacts
Hierarchical Subtasks
Built-in Editors Similar to MS Word for Writing Notes
Adding Attachments
Security Information
Card View Support
Copy Items
Sounds Good?EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
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Testimonials & Reviews

"... I've tried almost all of the popular desktop organizers and I've paid for a few of them but I ended up dumping them for one reason or other because I really could not work around their flaws. Most organizers look the same when you first load them up. ... It is the only software I have that allows me to pull all my contact information and notes into one program, together. PASSWORDS - The new Passwords Manager is something that I don't have in Outlook or other organizers, and yet it's the most important List that I must maintain. ..."

- Cynthia Stevens, April 2012

"... Then I saw their "free" program was something like $8.00 a month. Please write down your comments on EfficientPIM. My answer:I'm looking for an integrated mechanism where I can quickly access a variety of information and have it tied together different ways. I think this product will work well for me, I have to figure out how to set it up so it links data between my two computers and see if I can get my Android phone tied in also."

- Bruce Porter, May 2012

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