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Recommended post it notes software program for Windows Vista - Efficient Sticky Notes Pro

Efficient Sticky Notes Pro is a versatile and user-friendly post it notes software program for Windows Vista that can help you stick customizable e-notes on your screen. It's not quite as light as air, but it is far more environmentally and aesthetically friendly than covering the edge of your monitor with paper notes.

  • Recognition from Authoritative Software Editors
  • Classify Information
  • Recycle Bin
  • Competitive Price
  • Free Edition Available
  • Lightweight
  • Information Safety Safeguards
  • Portable Edition Available

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: $19.95
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Portuguese, Finnish, Thai, French, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Greek, Norwegian, Russian, Czech, Spanish, German, Croatian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Armenian, Lithuanian, Arabic, Japanese, Farsi, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Korean

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Efficient Sticky Notes Free

Efficient Sticky Notes is a professional and easy-to-use free post it software product for organizing your sticky notes. Read More...

Efficient Notes $29.95

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Choose the right software for yourself:

EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
Various calendar views: work week, week, year and time grid
Hierarchical subtasks
Customizing task labels
Project Management & Task Management
Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing comments
Notes Organizer & Notes Manager
Adding attachments
Recycle bin support
Sounds Good?EfficientPIMEfficient NotesEfficient Sticky Notes Pro
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Testimonials & Reviews

"What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase EfficientPIM? My answer: . Prompt Customer Service! As you will remember, I have contacted you already with a few questions, and to be honest in this day and age it is always a pleasure to see that somebody remembers the meaning of the word 'Customer Service" and is available to answer even the simplest of questions!! . The program is well build and it does what it says, and does it well. ..."

- Christiane Jechoux

"... And just to nitpick - I'd also like to be able to use a hot-key combo to time stamp my entries within a Diary record (or Note or any other module). I appreciate that the capability is offered via a context/insert choice, but that method takes longer then the alternative manual keyboard entry of the time. As it stands, however, I am quite content with EfficientPIM and enjoy utilizing such a well engineered piece of software. I am gratified to find that more often than not, EP has the capability I need executed in an intuitive and robust manner. Thank you for the fine work!"

- Joel A. Knox

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