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Recommended freeware post-it notes application - Efficient Sticky Notes

Sticky Now, Save time later! This is a Efficient Sticky Notes, you can write the things you need to do down, and the notes will appear on your computer screen, whenever you click it you will see the work you need to do.freeware post-it notes application is a good helper. It offers USB portability which helps take it with you all the time.

  • Portable Edition Available
  • Printing Function
  • Recycle Bin
  • Pro Edition Available
  • Network Edition Available
  • Classify Information
  • Lightweight
  • Automatically Backup

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: Free
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, French, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Thai, Slovenian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Arabic, Korean, Lithuanian, Danish, Hungarian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, Swedish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Italian, Greek, Farsi, Croatian, Armenian, German, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Finnish


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Choose the right application for yourself:

Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer FreeEfficientPIM FreeEfficient Sticky Notes
Organizing Your Information by Hierarchical Grouping
More Special Interface Styles Designed for Men/Women
Recurrent Tasks Setting
Anniversary & Birthday Reminder
Multiple Interface Styles
Card View Support
Searching Information as Simple and Fast as Google
Sounds Good?Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer FreeEfficientPIM FreeEfficient Sticky Notes
Buy NowN/AN/AN/A
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Testimonials & Reviews

"I needed something to give me reminders, This is great! Pros: I need something that would give me reminders of various appts. The reminder needed to sound off and pop up automatically. This certainly fills the bill. Cons: There is nothing wrong with this program. Summary: Good program. I just changed the frillies!"

- WellbutrinXL, September 2012

"I am in a research of PIM for my workteam, as well for myself. I am looking for light, portable, fast, stable and secure PIM. I've tryed several PIMs and found your closer to what I'd like to use."

- Victor D. Tsybulyack, February 2009

"Jolly good all round organiSer (sorry UK spelling!) Pros: There are more elements to this program than I need in one place - but I'm using the contacts, calender, task list, desktop sticky notes and events. I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket so I use different software for other things. ... The only solution was the delete the offending record and re-enter from scratch. So do test exports regularly, if you intend to export contacts data, so that any quirks can be sorted out before you have to go hunting for a needle in a haystack! ..."

- ancient_hilly

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