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Recommended free diary program - Efficient Diary

Efficient Diary is a copy of free diary program for Windows OS. This award-winning, handy and simple software will be a right tool for helping you to write and manage your journal and diary entries. Let your brain works without any distraction if you keep all your things in order.

  • Pro Edition Available
  • Edit Feature Similar to Word
  • Security Information
  • Portable Edition Available
  • One-touch Search Feature Like Google
  • Easy to Install
  • Network Edition Available
  • Recycle Bin

Latest Version: 5.50 Build 542
Price: Free
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Japanese, Finnish, Armenian, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Lithuanian, Korean, Spanish, Greek, Farsi, Russian, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Traditional Chinese, French, Indonesian, Turkish, Danish, Portuguese, Arabic, Croatian, Bulgarian, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Slovenian, Ukrainian


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Efficient Diary Pro $29.95

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Choose the right program for yourself:

Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer FreeEfficientPIM FreeEfficient Diary
Adding attachments
More special interface styles designed for men/women
Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing comments
Related contacts support
Task Management & Project Management
Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing notes
Journal & Diary
Setting priority for information items
Sounds Good?Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer FreeEfficientPIM FreeEfficient Diary
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Testimonials & Reviews

"Hi, Thanks for the great program Efficient PIM."

- Jay Searls, January 2012

"... My answer: Price then, because of my having used it for a year, you jarred my twenty dollars loose by "greying out" the features I so dearly loved. Please write down your comments on Efficient Diary Pro. My answer: I don't trust leaving any information on the Internet so I wanted software to easily add, and find information that was also encrypted. I've been using "Time and Chaos" for the last 20-years as my PIM and I'm too old to port all that information to your PIM. Most all of you dialogs display well on my 1920x1200 Monitor with the display set to DPI 150%."

- James White, January 2012

"I tried to tell my wife what a great program Efficient PIM is to keep information in. She replied "Is it password protected?" She's right. The program should have an open-with password option. P.S.You could encrypt either the whole file or the modules separately in our software."

- thomas searls, January 2012

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