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Recommended free project construction management program - Efficient To-Do List Free

Efficient To-Do List Free is a unique, handy and versatile free project construction management program that can help you organize and manage your daily tasks. It will totally revolutionize the way you getting things done in your life.

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Interface Styles
  • Pro Edition Available
  • Classify Information
  • Recognition from Authoritative Software Editors
  • Network Edition Available
  • Customize Font
  • Search by Keywords

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: Free
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Finnish, Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian, Lithuanian, Greek, Polish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, French, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Farsi, Danish


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Efficient To-Do List $29.95

Are you tired of lots of work to do, but you do not know which one to do first? Now, with the Efficient To-Do List, you can easily handle this problem. It allows you to arrange your work based on the degree of importance. Read More...

Efficient Calendar Free Free

Efficient Calendar Free is a copy of free calendar software application for Windows. This unique and user-friendly software will be a right tool for managing and planning your time. Read More...

EfficientPIM Free Free

EfficientPIM Free is a copy of note organizer freeware product for Windows OS. This attractive, all-in-one and versatile software will be a right tool for planning and organizing your life. Read More...

Choose the right application for yourself:

EfficientPIM FreeEfficient Calendar FreeEfficient To-Do List Free
Contact Management
Notes Organizer & Notes Manager
Related Contacts Support
Built-in Editors Similar to MS Word for Writing Notes
Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing diary entries
Hierarchical Subtasks
Set the Importance of Information Records
Customize Font
Sounds Good?EfficientPIM FreeEfficient Calendar FreeEfficient To-Do List Free
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Testimonials & Reviews

"... So you don't inadvertantly forget an appointment or task, a reminder can be set up to alert you prior to the due date/time. Notes. EfficientPIM has included a document editor similar to Microsoft Word which enables you to add notes in several ways - the Notes format, the Diary format, or Desktop Notes, which is applied to your computer desktop. ... No need to try to remember login information and make it easier to use unique passwords for each without having to spend time trying to determine the correct logins for each location. Import/Export. ..."

- Ruth

"... I emailed Kurlo support on Oct 6th and am still waiting for a response - definitely made me decide to find a new program. Also when I bought PIM Pro, I appreciated knowing that I didn't need to buy the Extended Download Service - I like straight dealing and your company seems to do that - that's a big plus in my opinion. Please write down your comments on EfficientPIM. My answer: I haven't learned all I need to know yet about your program but I find it easy to navigate and easy to learn. ..."

- M. Kellett

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