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Recommended address book software application - Efficient Address Book

Efficient Address Book is an award-winning and user-friendly address book software program. It helps you easily store and manage contact information (email addresses, instant messenger addresses, website addresses, names, phone numbers, addresses).

  • Competitive Price
  • Portable Edition Available
  • Network Edition Available
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Interface Styles
  • Password Protection
  • Edit Feature Similar to Word
  • Recycle Bin

Latest Version: 5.60 Build 559
Price: $29.95
Requirements: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Android, iOS
Languages: English, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, French, Arabic, Dutch, Thai, Indonesian, Hungarian, Spanish, Farsi, Finnish, Lithuanian, Russian, Norwegian, Armenian, Danish, Traditional Chinese, German, Croatian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian

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Efficient Address Book Free Free

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EfficientPIM $39.95

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Choose the right software for yourself:

Efficient Man's/Lady's OrganizerEfficientPIMEfficient Address Book
More Special Interface Styles Designed for Men/Women
Notes Organizer & Notes Manager
Various Calendar Views: Work Week, Week, Year and Time Grid
Adding Unlimited Pictures to Contacts
Group Hidden
Multiple Interface Styles
Built-in Editors Similar to MS Word for Writing Comments
Backup & Restore
Sounds Good?Efficient Man's/Lady's OrganizerEfficientPIMEfficient Address Book
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Testimonials & Reviews

"What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase Efficient Address Book? My answer: to get any additional items Please write down your comments on Efficient Address Book. My answer: It is nice but widh it would print mailing labels."

- Jacqueline Lewis, December 2011

"What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase Efficient Address Book? My answer: I needed groups Please write down your comments on Efficient Address Book. My answer: It is easy to use and works without fuss."

- Lyn Dunbar, February 2012

"What was the biggest influence on your decision to purchase EfficientPIM? My answer: Full featured PIM. Discount. Please write down your comments on EfficientPIM. My answer: Lots of sections, great looking with lots of style and very easy to use."

- Wallace Rhoden, December 2011

"To make it better, consider adding away to send and recieve email such as Essential. EfficentPIM is better as far the the font size where EssentialPIM the font size isn't adjustable."

- Donald Jewell, November 2010

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