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Two Ways to Make Life Be More Organized

First, make a good plan

How to make a good plan?

I think this question is very interesting, right? We are different, so the ways to make a thing are obviously many and varied. Once I got used to spend a short period before sleep to review all the things I had during the whole day, especially when I was preparing for an important exam. This idea is, wow, how to say, fantastic and really very helpful. It was told by my high school teacher or middle school teacher. I got a bad memory so that i cannot remember it very clearly, that’s so sad. After looing back to all the things happened in the daytime, I began to plan for tomorrow. Yes, the plan was so perfect according to my standards. But it seems to be a little ridiculous and embarrassed that I forget some of it after 7 to 8 hours’ sleeping like a log.

Maybe most people think that a general plan is enough already, but if we want to become more organized, a detailed plan is sure what we want most. And if we were just dependent on our brain itself to create a sketch and to achieve our goal, it would be no longer appropriate. Most of the time, our flexible brain got us out of trouble, but sometimes it made us live in a mess, cause it tends to remember the latest thing. So when we make a good plan, we should be focus on two aspects

A good helper, which can be notebook planner or some information management software, which will help us to write down our plan, our thoughts at any time. For students, in my opinion, a notebook is much better. It is very convenient to take notebook wherever they go. Some notebooks are well designed (tasks, contacts, dates, etc), after we get it, we can use it right now. Some notebooks are simple notebooks with blank page or lines. For myself, I prefer the simple notebooks with blank page. Because I can design it based on my personal preference although I am not good at it. And the same time, we can make it by using Word, then print it out. We will get a completely new and handmade planner.

For those people who prefer electronics, some information management software would be a nice choice.

Whatever you are interested in, never forget that find the most suitable one. A good helper is the key to a good plan.

A specific plan also contains two parts, one is that we should assign tasks or events to a specific time. The more specific, the better. The other one is that we’d better reserve about one and half hours for changes in a day. Plans can never keep pace with changes! When we make the plan, we could not predict what would happen in the next moment, we cannot make sure that we will never have some problems during the process. So spend one and a half hours on it.

Second and the most important, strictly follow the plan

There is a very famous saying goes, action speaks louder than words. If we do not follow the plan we made, everything we did is nothing. We always ignore this step, when we do not complete them by following the plan, we are trying to comfort ourselves that everything would be OK, we could make it tomorrow, however, we have plan for tomorrow. So try best to follow the plan we made before.

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