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How to Write Smart Goals?

Learning to write goals will help you figure out what you want to do in the future and make you know clearly about what your dream is and what you want to achieve. How to write smart goals will be very useful and it’s not difficult. It contains long-term and short-term goals. And short-term goals should be set based on your long-term goals. And we will list the steps for each one separately in the below.

Long-Term Goal

Think about it---Spend some time on thinking about what your heart desires and what you need to do which helps you make them come true is the long time goal.

Make it practicable---Remember make it practicable. This is long term goal, it at least need few years time. If it cannot be true, most of things that you have done might be a waste of time.

Write it down---Recommend 2-3 goals. And complete them in 5 years. Long term goals are not like short term goals, the fewer the better, which will help you be focused. 5 years is a proper time as it is not so short or long. If you find one of them is really impossible in 5 years based on your condition, you still have enough time to adjust the plan

Make unremitting efforts---This one in my personal view, is the most important for long term goals. Lots of people choose to give up in the middle of the way. Along the way, you might face many difficulties more than you imagine before you start to do it. Take all of them as trials of life and be positive

Check the progress---Then you can know how all the things go on and arrange the short term goals considering the progress

Short-Term Goal

Make to do list---Write down all the things what you have to do. Manage them by day, week or month. The specific time will help you focus on the things you do at the present, which in some way will improve efficiency.

Prioritize to do list entries---Follow the first things first do principle. Prioritize all of them with different labels by importance will help control the whole entries and complete them one by one.

Create groups---Group all the entries by categories or subjects. It helps a lot if you check or edit entries later.

All the things can be done in three minutes, then just do it now without any hesitation. Those are the few steps on how to make smart goals. It’s not difficult to make it, isn’t it?

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