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How to Write Productive To-Do List?

Most people always complain that they do not have enough time to finish a work, but time is fair to everyone, as some others can do, why except you? After kinds of queries, we get the reason. It is because that they themselves have not managed time as efficiently and productively as others. Yes, faced with lots of to do tasks, if we do not have a reasonable time arrangement and a productive to do list, we will fail more undoubtedly. So to write a productive to do list?

1.Write down the lists what you will do tomorrow or in near futures. It is easy to remember and get things done smoothly if there are few things, how about if there are more than 10 tasks? Of course, it is better to write down one by one for memory or checking later.

2.Prioritize them. It is highly advocated to handle tasks in of order of priorities, for example, people should do the most important things first with the most time assigned, and then secondary. By doing this, people can maximize our efficiency and productivity greatly and even form a good habit of “First things First”.

3.Set a time schedule with start and due date. No matter what you do, do not forget to set a time schedule in case of procrastination. Many queries show that most people have different degree of procrastination with which people always feel urgency to finish a task just when the due date is coming very soon. So to avoid this, keep in mind to set an earlier due date than the fact so that you can flexible time for adjustment.

4.Set its goals clearly. No matter what you do, the expected results are needed, just like the rules lead people to do the best of them.

5.Set a reminder. Especially for the people who have bad memories, the time reminder is necessarily needed like a clock. It will remind what will do at some time and its place, so you will never miss any important tasks.

6.Decompose the tasks if they are massive. If it is hard to finish a massive task at one time, you’d better to decompose it into many sub-tasks, then you can handle one by one and finish gradually.

7.Review everyday to check what you have done and what you haven’t, after days of analysis, you will do better and better.

To implement above steps, it is better to use some digital task managers by which you can manage all the to do list together in one interface and operate just in few clicks, such as add, delete, amend, save and so on. Even reminder setting is more intelligence than paper sticking, phone clock or others. From most recommendations, Efficient To-Do List, EfficientPIM and Efficient Calendar are outstanding, even its mobile version will come soon in May. Let’s wait together!

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