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How to Write Journal Efficiently?

The first step to write a journal is to do with determination. Yes! And be honest with yourself. Remember there are days when you simply do not have the energy to write or work either because you had a bad night, were sick or just tired of the bustle of the day. In these days, it is more reasonable to let our body and mind to rest once recovered we move forward we need.

Make the most immediately important task: choose a task of high added value and / or urgent and do it early in the day, in this way, and not get anything else on the day you've done something productive at least. Keep track of all by writing it down. It is very important that before touching Facebook, TV, or anything else you wear to perform the task without getting distracted from nothing to completion. Just concentrate on one task and forget everything else until you finish it.

Divide and Conquer

A useful tool for those low energy days is to divide your tasks into tasks you can perform in smaller blocks of time and dedicate yourself to work for 20-30 minutes with breaks of 5-10 minutes. For example, you can write articles easily divided into 1 to 2 blocks research 1 block to write the summary or sketch 1 block to draft and another block for editing.

Add Incentives

If you really need to do something important and that can be complex or long, give yourself a reward at the end. For example, once you finish a task that took you half a day, why not relax a while with a movie? Go for some entertainment and recover energy to continue working after a while. The important thing is to start, so whether you dedicate 10 minutes, it is important that you decide and do. Is there something you know you should do but you take a while to avoid? What have you been putting off for the last time? Do it now, what are you waiting for? Write it down and read the journal daily.

We saw that recently in GTD, process is asking questions. The first of these, and often involves more effort to respond well, is "what is this”? Once we have the answer to that question is when we begin to clarify or process itself, that is, when we begin to apply the GTD flowchart. Do the same in a written way. The next question as part of this new process is: is it actionable? Thus, if you identify something requires some sort of action, work on it, write a journal in order and enjoy being productive!

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