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How to Write a Smart Goal?

In such competitive society, everyone yearns for success at every moment. It is commonly acknowledged that hard-working is the key to success. However, if he chooses the wrong way at the very beginning, can he achieves success at last? Absolutely, the answer is NO. As a result, people need to make a smart decision before they get started.
Whereas, at beginning, people often write the broad goals instead of smart ones. For example, they write a goal as “grow business”, but they don’t catch the idea of specific steps. Hence, they may forget their goals at the half way due to their carelessness. And then, complain about their failure and attribute it to God at last. Consequently, before you get started, you may get clear about the following questions.

1. Which goal do you want to achieve at last?
In another word, what is your target? Some people like to set a goal for a short time, but some others like to set a long term goal. Both of them are ok, but you must make sure that both of them are achievable for yourself. For example, increase ten orders, have some training courses, double your salary, etc.

2. What is your next action?
After you set your goal well, you must make a list about your next actions. That is to say, you should know the correct methods to realize your goal and write them down. For instance, if you want to increase ten orders this month, you need contact more clients, do some promotions or something else.

3. How to carry out your plan?
And then, you need to carry out your to do list one by one. Once you finish one, you can cross it out from your list. But if you can’t finish one of them, you need to find out another task to replace it; otherwise, it is hard to achieve your goal on time.

4. How to check your performance?
While you tracking the progress of your tasks, you need to check your completed tasks carefully so that you can get rid of some mirror mistakes at last.

In short, setting a smart goal is just the start step, what you need to do next is to achieve this specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goal!

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