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How to Write a Journal?

Since I was a young child, I began to keep diary. It was anything that I want to talk about. There is no need for you to hesitate what you are going to write about except you plan to keep a work journal.

How to keep a personal journal?

Keep journal at any time you want.

Personal diary is not like work diary, you can tell anything about your life, the time to keep journal is very free. You can take the diary book with you all the time and write diary when you want, so while you choose the diary book, you’d better choose a suitable book, which is not two big or too small, it can be put in your hand bag is the most suitable one, if you use mobile phone or tablet, that’s another matter.

Personal diary contents

It can be:






And so on

How to keep work journal?

Compared to personal diary, work diary seems to be more formal, because it’s about your work or something related to that.

Pick a medium

Usually in life, people are tending to use paper notebook to keep journal. It’s a good choice for you to write personal diary. However, if you are making a work diary, you can choose diary application/program which can be used offline or online (both ok). Nowadays, almost all of you working with a computer.

Consider your purpose

If your diary is more like a work report, then just write down the things you have done during the work hours; if your diary is to improve your work, you not only keep what you have done but also what you have learned, and what part you did well, and which part you need change or improve, etc.

Look back on your journal

This is a very important part for work diary keepers. Looking back to your diary can make you find your growth and your deeply thoughts. At the same time, it's good to you to draw some experiences.

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