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How to Write a Diary?

Why should keep a diary or journal?

Life is short and passes very quickly. It’s a hard to remember all the memory and keep track of what’s going on in your life and where you are moving forward to.

Keeping a diary can help you record your life

With the time going by, the memory will become more and more obscure. As a truth, it’s so cruel to all the human beings. Keeping a diary can make you to remember some of them, sometimes as a reminder to tell you cherish the present time more.

Keeping a diary can help you clear your mind

In life, people sometimes try to pretend to be some person to make life easier cause living in such a completed world. When keeping a diary, you are free, you can be yourself and find out what you really need and things you want.

Keeping a diary can assist you in developing good character

It’s easy to do a thing for one time or few times, however, it’s difficult to repeat one thing for a long time. Success or happiness mostly can not be achieved without perseverance. During the way to keep write a journal or keep a diary can help you learn to be persevere.

Diary contents

Diary can be personal diary or work diary. You can put them together or separate them. Contents can be anything you want. All it’s up to you.

Here are some contents as an example:









When do you write?

Usually people are getting used to write a diary in a fixed time, such as the thirty minutes before sleep. Actually I think you can write your diary at anytime, cause some ideas or feelings may come to your mind suddenly. If you are planning to keep a work diary, you can write it at a short period before being off duty.

What tool do you use?

Many years ago, almost all the people kept diary with notebook. Today, we have more choices, notebook, diary program PC, diary applications online and so on, among which notebook still be the favor to most of people in some way. However, technology’s developing, some new tools deserved to have a try, right?

How to write a diary?

Write it as you like. It’s your garden.

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