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How to Use Time Management

Today is Christmas day, wish you all have a merry Christmas! And hope this article might help you when you are on your way to better time management.

When have so many things to complete, how to use time management skillfully is becoming more and more important. After you get these skills, you will be more productive and have more time on rest or your hobbies. Like many other things, you cannot find which one works best for you unless try them one by one before you finally get the right. List some work for me below.

Before I make a list based on the work stuffs or self study, I always prefer do cleaning first to keep the house look as I like which makes me feel good and full of energy. In most cases, writing down the time schedule is the highest priority and then just follow it. If you do not want to start scheduling directly, before that do something which makes you feel the same as i do after the cleaning and then you will find it’s much easier to make a plan for your time.

1.Make a list for Work, Home and Personal separately.

For app users, you can create different files or different groups based on the location to manage all of them; for paper based notebook users, you might use bracket or rectangle, etc. to mark. List is very useful if you stick to it.

2.The less, the better.

Always remember that you are not a machine, if you list a lot of things then you might not tackle all of them within the estimated time and as a result of that you might feel bad and lose confidence.


First thing first do is the key point to time management. Nowadays, people usually have to handle lots of things. Complete the most important thing first is a skill that you have to master.

4.Set the time for each item.

Specific time makes you clearly know what you should do at the right moment. You might use a reminder to alert you when something is due because it’s easy to get lost when you are having lots of stuffs to deal with.

5.Prepare award if you achieve something that’s not easy.

Award is very useful no matter it's cheap or expensive. Award means the things you have done gain recognition and give you a sense of accomplishment and self worth.


At the very beginning, it’s very hard to stick to the schedule. Persistence will finally make you find the way to overcome the procrastination.

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