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How to Use Efficient Software Effectively: 3 Parts You Must Know (Part Three --Navigation Panel)

1. About the modules shows in the navigation panel

As you can see here, the whole modules in Efficient Software. It is obviously that by clicking these modules, you can enter the interface of each module and use their strong functions then.

Some people have asked about if they can choose the modules that could be shown in the navigation panel because they do not need to use every one, just some of them. Or few people just want to show the most important modules that they think even if they use all the functions of it. We need to try to satisfy all of you. So the answer is, of course yes! Please focus on the small button that i marked on. You can click this little button and you will see three options.

By setting the Navigation Panel Options, you can not only choose which to show, which to use, but also to exchange their original locations.

2. The protection of some modules in the navigation panel

There are three modules can be protected by setting passwords to log in. They are Diary module, Note module and the most important Password Manager module.

3. If the navigation panel disappeared

Once some customers had one problem that after they open the software and they could not find navigation panel even if reload it. It is very annoying. If cannot find the navigation, how could use this software! This software must be crashed, I guess you will think so when you face it. Because the first time when i faced it, I felt like this. But but as many people say that there will always be more solutions to any problems. I totally agree with that. For this problem, there are two methods to solve it: the simple one and the difficult one. First the simple one, you just need to put your cursor to the far left side at the home page, when the shape of cursor change to the one like this

click and hold the left mouse button, then move it to the right side.

This simple way could not always work, so you need to try the difficult one. Please search *.ini file in your computer (here we take EfficientPIM as an example) and then open the file, delete the parts as shown below

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