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How to Take Notes?

When you are as a student at school or as an employee in a company, note taking always be useful. It plays an important part in your life.

What are your subject and your purpose?

You must be very clear that what your notes are talking about. They are answers to math problems, analysis about a beautiful poem, and the translation of some specific words, or just your ideas/thoughts and so on. Subjects, to some extent can reflect the purpose of note-taking. In terms of the difference of purpose and subjects, there are three ways to take notes.

1. Add notes on the original text

For example, when you are reading a book, and there are some words you cannot understand, you can add the notes on the original text directly.

2. Prepare a notebook to take note

For many situations, you need prepare a note book to start note taking, such as answers to math problems, meeting records.

3. Use notes application

Now, many people get used to using computer, tablet and mobile phone. So the ways to make notes developed at the same time. With a suitable notes program, you can take notes in a better way and more convenient.

Grasp the key point

Keeping note is not copy the conversations or all the sentences your teacher write down on the blackboard. You should grasp the key point and then keep note, which will help you save a lot of time and keep the pace with the meeting and the class.

Convert the original texts or words

What the convert here means? It stresses that when you write your notes, you should try to use the words that you can easily understand especially for some abstract problems, it maybe a specific example, etc.

Color coding

Color coding is an easy way to take notes; you do not need to write. It helps you find your notes in a clearer way. If you are reading a book and you like some sentences, then you can mark these sentences with the color you like.

Pictures or video records

It helps make the notes more interesting, being full of visualization. If you have not yet tried this way to take a note, then do it now!

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