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How to Take Good Notes?

Actually, taking good notes makes great contribution in a successful career or study. Undeniable, high quality notes are the priceless treasure in our whole life. Efficient note-taking is even a wonderful skill which all of us should get. However how to take good notes?

1. Prepare Note-Taking Tools in Advance.

Before your class or meeting, you’d better prepare all tools, such as notebook, pencil or notes software. Only you have a good preparation can you concentrate on your teacher or spokesperson later.

2. Use Abbreviated Words if Needed.

Using abbreviated words and phrases would largely improve your efficiency on the condition that you can recognize all the abbreviations later. Also, you can make or search some abbreviations in your part time, since abbreviations could save you a lot of time.

3. Use Symbols and Highlighters to Make Your Notes Attractive.

You can find the key points immediately if you highlighted them during note taking. Besides, you would be glad to read your notes if they are attractive enough. Also, you can share your notes with your classmates or colleagues when needed.

4. Take Your Notes in the Right Notebook or Software Neatly.

In order to review them conveniently, you need to write down a correct title and the specific time of your notes. In addition, you must write them in order, in precise and neatly. If you use software to take notes, you can manage them by groups. It will be very easy to find them in emergency.

5. Use Them in Practice.

After you write notes down, remember to use them, because it is the only way to realize the value of notes-taking. If software is your notebook, you can back up your important notes for security.

In short, notes software has much more advantages than traditional notebooks, such as easy to search, carry and keep. However, still lots of persons are keen on traditional notebooks. Anyway, taking notes is a great study no matter what the tool is.

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