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How to Stay Organized in High School?

High school is an important phase for students, because high school students have to taken much more studies than Junior and college students, of course much more burden as well. So do you want to be less stressed about school work? Do you even want to be one of those "perfect" people that are always early for class? Do you want to be more successful than others? If yes, it is time to get yourself organized and stay organized first, then you will complete all efficiently and productively. And hereunder tips will help you the best on how to stay organized in highly school.

1. Obtain and use a tasks and events planner. A planner is an indispensable tool for high school, because it can manage homework assignments, doctor's appointments, club meetings, sports practices, parties, and others important events. The ideal one is neat , convenient to take along with and makes you organized, and gives you a quick and easy way to see your schedule and assignments for the day, week, and month as well as reminder function like a time clock, with it, you can get things done efficiently and productively.

2. Record all tasks and things down so you won’t forget them. If you own one planner, use it e effectively by written down all tasks details. Check your planner every night to see if you have to prepare for any upcoming events and to review what homework you've got to do, as well as every morning to see what will be turned in or accomplished for that day. As you get used to using your planner, you'll see how indispensable it is and probably start consulting it even more often.

3. Organize and separate your stuff with folders or binders for each class. How do you think by looking at a pile of messy notebooks, papers or others? I would be scattered honestly. Of course we can make them in order and clean with the help of some separate binders, folders, and notebooks for each class. And it is easy to distinguish and keep with class tabs and so on.

4. Tidy your desk regularly. To create a comfortable and undistracted study area on desk, it is necessary to keep the desk clean and neat without any disorder books, pencils and other school things; of course put the desk in a quiet environment is needed.

5. Develop good habits and stick to your schedule strictly. For example it is time to do your homework every day at 7:00 PM and you should stick to this schedule no matter what you do, do not be procrastination and distracted by things nearby. Furthermore, prepare well everything you'll need for the next day in your backpack the night before, and set out your clothing and any extras and things you'll need. Have a look at your planner often, and check on, maintain, and alter your organization system when needed. Totally, organized people are constantly tweaking their systems to adapt to new situations, and you should do the same. Be on time to class and make sure to take the time to put the correct books in your bag with right time reminder. Be efficient and punctual, and try not to waste time... With a little practice, you'll be good to go!

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