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How to Stay Organized at Home?

It is known that home is figured as the warm harbor, but if home is in disorder and chaos, how do you think? Faced with messy books, dirty clothes, floor, even the unhandled cleaning, dishes, shopping and so on, I would be rather scatted and exhausted…

If you want a better life at home, you should take it is urgent to get home organized first then make it run smoothly, so how to do? Hope my following experience is helpful:

1. Make a to-do list. It is one of my favorite ways to get organized such as I have to finish house cleaning before 10:00 AM, handle personal work or washing befor 3:00 PM,shopping and so on; by setting priorities and recurring events I can clearly know what I need to get things done for the day, for the week and then for the month, even I can make sure to get the most important things accomplished each day first.

2. Use your smart phone, tablet or laptop, paper or whatever devices you have on to keep track of your days with calendars, from which you can easily know what you need to do and how it s going now, even after checking and so on. For me, I am using digital personal information manager—EfficientPIM which can do calendar scheduling, task management and events reminder, even more like passwords manager, diaries keeper, notes taking, contacts manager and so on, it works excellent on my desktop computers.

3. Use a timer and it is a must. When I handle household chores, I usually use a timer for time reminder, such as I set to finish cooking in 1 hour, washing in 40 minutes, shopping in 1 hour and so on, but I always distracted by phone calls or visits or other unexpected business work, so timer is a must at home. The timer can not only keep track of my time, also make sure to get me back when I get distracted by other things around.

4. Take sticky notes. As we can not remember all the things even with good memories, once there is any good idea or an important thing, pls note it down quickly on sticky notes, so that they can remind us vividly.

5. Stick to the scheduling and handle everything efficiently. It is the key point in time management and developing self-discipline. No matter how many alarm clocks are there beside you and thorough planning, but you do not stick to them, how you get things done and handle it well, right?

6. Form good habits to put things back to its original places so that you can easily find and get. There is a well-known theory that 21 days can help a people form good habits, and it believes once tried.

Wholly, to get organized at home seems easy, and it does if you can schedule all things orderly and stick to it, you are getting closer and closer to success in making life easier and less stress. I am really appreciating a sentence: "The way to success is not crowded, because there are few people can stick to it."

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