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How to Start Organizing Your Life from Organizing A Day?

How to organize a day is the based part of learning to organize your life. Here 11 tips for you to organize a day.

1.Get up early

The morning time, in some way, is the most precious in a day. Do not waste it on the extra sleep.

2.Tidy your room

Tidy your room not only helps you keep a good mood, but also helps you to prevent the common cold.

3.Do morning exercise

4.Enjoy your breakfast

In order to be full of energy, having a big breakfast is an essential part. A big breakfast should contain fruit, milk, vegetables, meat and so on.

5.Complete tasks and events one by one by following your life organizer

This is the most important part for the whole day. Follow your plan strictly. Cross the completed tasks or events from your lists to make sure that all of them can be finished in a better way.

6.Have rest during the process

This will help keep your brain in a good condition.

7.Relax after one day work

Here you can choose to listen to some smooth music, take a walk or give a call to your families or friends to share your day and so on. Do the things make you relaxed.

8.Check your email

The reason why check email at such a late time cause it won’t interrupt your own plan. You will be easy to be stopped by some trifles and reduce your work efficiency if you start your day with things related to others unless getting contact with that person is one of the tasks you need complete right now.


Reading can rich your brain and wide your knowledge. Live and read, live and learn.

10.Make a plan

This plan contains all the things you need do tomorrow and your goal. Make it clear and achievable.

11.Go to sleep early

If you are one who gets used to sleep at a very late time, now please walk to your clock and set a reminder to alert you sleep early. You’d better set a reminder by using your phone at the same time, just in case you are outside at that time.

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