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How to Set Goals?

There is a famous saying: the dream is plump but the reality is skinny. If you are eager to achieve your dream, then you should set many small goals to achieve your big dream. What is the significance of making small goals. We not say you can’t live without goals, but you will live tired and not happy. The goal is the motivation, the motivation is the catalyst for you to become success.

It is not enough for you to only set goals. When setting goals, think more. You need to establish further goals, you need to do step by step to achieve your goals.

Goal is plan, give your life a certain hope, that is the goal.

Your value decides your lifetime goal. You want beer and skittles or do you want spirit pursuit. All depend on yourself.

Goals have its importance as well as complexity, the one you consider as the most valuable goal is your ultimate goal.

You may wonder how to set a goal, now I’d like to recommend you seven steps to you to set goals.

First, set big goals.

It is the goal that you should achieve in a period of time, maybe the time is long, but you should have a long-term goal. Then cut your big goals into pieces, that is to say make it small, and then achieve them step by step.

Second, optimize your goal.

1.Starting from the result, and choose the core one, delete the secondary one and delete as much as possible. From the perspective of function, value, meaning to decide which goals you will delete.

2. Starting from the condition, choose the realistic one and delete illusory one. This time you should delete as less as possible. Thinking from the time, money, characteristic, wisdom, and environment perspectives.

3. Starting from the process, you may counter many obstacles during the process of achieving your goal. You should overcome them, and if you find that one goal are really hard for you to reach, and waste much of your time, then you should choose give it up.

Third, realize your goal.

How to realize your goal depend on many aspects, not only money, time but your energy, circumstances, resolution, many other objectivity and subjectivity. You must chase your goal without any hesitation, chase it without any delay.

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