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How to Set Appointments?

There are many versatile software programs in the market, and some of them allow users to set appointments, meetings and other events, such as reminder software, calendar software, pim software, etc. The first step of making full use of such software is learning to set appointments and other events.

Generally, enter “Events” module, and then click “New Event” on the Toolbar. If you need the software to remind you the correct time of this appointment, just check the “Reminder” option in the event editing window. There are some tips for you to set an appointment:

In case forgetting this appointment, you’d better record the start time and even the end time. As long as you check the “Reminder” option, software will pop up a reminder window to remind you as setting. So, you will no longer miss any important appointments.

You can write down some important information about this appointment in the “Comment” window, such as the specific place, person and notes. For example, if you have an appointment with your client, you can write down some points for attention so that you can leave a good impression for him.

Your appointments and other events will be displayed in order, if you manage them by groups. For instance, you can at least create two groups to divide your events into work and life, which is beneficial for you to find them in emergency. Meanwhile, you can get a good emotion because all of your messages are well-organized.

In addition, you can add attachments, file links or even pictures in accordance with specific conditions. Also, you can customize the “Recurrence” of your appointments if they recur regularly, which saves you a lot of time and energy if needed. By the way, you can set the reminding sounds according to your tastes. Lastly, if you delete your important appointments by mistaken, do worry and just go to Recycle Bin of the software to find them back.

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