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How to Relax and Get Things Done

To get relax and get things done seems to be impossible under many conditions. Everyday people have lots of work and personal stuffs to be done. How could that happen?

Yes, it looks very hard to get win win at the same time. However, it does not mean impossible. How to relax and get thing done? In this article, you would probably find the answer.

Relax, in some way, equal to getting your body and brain relax.

How to get your body relax?

There are many ways to this, do Yoga, SPA, etc. Some people might think they do not have enough time to do this because the more and more work has occupied most of their time, which is exactly what I want to talk about in the next.

How to get your brain relax?

Since grown up, the brain stores a large number of things day by day, such as work, family, love, friendship, sadness, happiness and so on. Sometimes all the things mixed up together and puzzle you a lot. And the brain never has a proper time to get a relax. So how to get your brain relax and get things done?

Transfer the data in your brain to some other places. Throw away the to do lists, the events, the dates, the passwords to all kinds of bank/websites, even the thoughts. The only thing in your brain just the thing you need to do right now, get it done!

The more focus you put on one thing, the more efficiency you will get. High efficiency means save time. Then you will have more time to relax your body. That’s exactly the explanation of win-win.

What tools can be used while transfer the data?

EfficientPIM is a very nice personal information management program for you to transfer tasks, dates, meetings, notes, passwords, urls, thoughts,etc. Click here to know more about it.

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