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How to Put Sticky Notes on Your Desktop?

Sticky notes can provide you with the facilities for knowing the things that you need to do. If you are really bored with the traditional sticky notes that you use with least amount of features, then it is time for you to try something innovative and new. Efficient sticky notes can help you in sticking any information related with you on your desktop so that you can access them when you need with great ease. This software can provide you with a great way for storing and displaying the notes in almost 30 different languages. It is indeed not a bad choice for you to have such elegant notes on your desktop. There are many features available with this sticky notes software which makes it unique from the traditional kind of sticky notes.

Unique Type

These sticky notes can be considered as the great way through which you can display the important things of your life. It won’t appear like the traditional sticky notes but it has a different look and there is possibility for you to customize the look of efficient sticky notes so that it can suit your taste as well as the appearance of your desktop.

Choice of Styles

Efficient sticky notes are appealing because of the freedom that you get in choosing the style of the notes that you want to stick on your desktop. You can change the background color, gradient effect, transparency and many other features related with the sticky notes so that it gets a look which you think is what you exactly need. When you are sticking paper notes on your notice board in the room, you try to make it look different with some colors, different shapes etc. This same thing can be possible with efficient sticky notes.

Searching Information

There is possibility for you to search any information that you have already stored in the efficient stick notes by just entering the information in textbox. This can help you in easily finding out the information that you exactly need in no time.

Portability and Recycle Bin

You can get the portable version of the software which can be managed using USB so that you can use it on any system without worrying about synchronizing data. This software also provides facilities for safely storing deleted notes so that you can recover it when it is necessary.


There is possibility for you to choose from multiple interfaces so that you can get the kind of appearance that you need.

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