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How to Organizer My Day Planner?

Everyday, we have a lot of things to do no matter who we are, a student needs to finish homework, reading, shopping, dates and more complicated things, let alone we workers, we need to handle parts of housework, office work, appointments, shopping, visits... To get every day well organized, we usually ask help from some day planners (such as EfficientPIM, Efficient Calendar and so on), through which we can efficiently organize our to do list, calendars, appointments, birthdays and get reminder at right time, even more information can manage as well. To make such planner serve us better, we need to organizer it as well, so how to organizer my day planner well, here are my ideas:

Accurately input the to do list details. Commonly, such planner can clearly schedule an event with titles, locations, start/due time, reminder time, priorities, labels, comments and so on, if all details is clear and easy to understand, user can save a lot of time and directly focus on processing to improve efficiency and productivity a lot, is not it? Even to make lists more visible, user can customize his own labels name, labels color and so on.

Mark or hide the complete lists in time to keep the list clean. Usually we may have a lot of schedules everyday, if a task is finished, do not forget to mark it as completed! Otherwise the messy interface may be distracting or leads users to miss some work to finish, which is more harm than good. However the clean interface can help people easily know what is doing now or will do to, save a lot of time, reduce anxiety and get things done easier!

Review everyday and add/modify to do list in advance to avoid a rush. If you want to know what have done or any progress today, daily review is needed and necessary. Just open the planner and have a glance at it, we can easily know our efficiency from the completed tasks and progress tracking. If we do well today, we will do better and better tomorrow, otherwise, we can specifically adjust our time schedule and try to improve higher efficiency in time, right? Moreover, it is better to form good habits of schedule things in advance, so that we won’t be in a rush...

Even more ways to organize our daily planner better, sincerely welcome to share~

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