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How to Organize Your Life Efficiently?

After many years using GTD, my conclusion is that they are too open-ended questions that help a bit in making the right decisions about what to do and what not. What criteria should take into account when deciding whether "should" do something with a particular thing or if something "requires action"?

Hectic schedules: Efficiency and productivity

In my early years using GTD, this lack of clarity favored the triumph of voluntarism about realism, which in turn resulted in my contexts usually have such a volume of next actions became unmanageable. In other words, the inability to curb my willfulness, my "want to do", was paid to the usability of my GTD system.

If you think about it, in a world in which the volume of things to do far exceeds the time available to them, the key is to choose what to do extraordinarily well and, especially, what not to do. So keep that in mind. Volunteering is one of the worst enemies of efficiency and personal productivity.

Because of this, and taking just that, GTD is not to do; I have spent considerable time in recent years to go debugging the meaning I give to the questions "Is it actionable" Or "requires action?" To me it is more useful and powerful. That "thing" is directly related to "something" that must be completed in a strict deadline - by far to be at the time, and I can do something about it from now. It is time to get organized. How? Well, do not do anything with that "thing" before the next weekly review of my GTD system certainly entail undesirable consequences. Keep in mind:

  1. Irrevocable personal commitment to do something about that "thing" before the next one.
  2. Set new deadlines and goals weekly.

In other cases, the answer to "requires action" is a resounding "No", because they are things that can wait, at least until the next weekly review, so now I do not want to steal my attention. When you focus on improving the efficiency and personal productivity a GTD can facilitate this. Yes, you will be surprised on the fact you will find it difficult to say "no" to the best app, since it is quite beneficial.

Lastly, it can be hard to people to choose the right program to enhance productivity. In addition, we have been "bombarded" with spam for a long time. Now you have the chance of improving your daily performance. Start today!

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