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How to Organize Your Daily Journal?

Writing journals/diaries is highly advocated in my family since I was a primary school student, my father always says to me that it is a healthy habit through which we can express our thought/feelings freely, practice our expression and reading ability, even to help recall our past memories... So I am accustomed to writing journals or diaries everyday no matter how busy I am.

Commonly, we used to write journals on papers, but with fast development of technology, many digital software are designed for journal keeping. As well, they are far more popular than paper notebooks because of more cost effective, longer time keeper, more environmental friendly, even more convenient to get things done in PC, mobile phones and tablets anywhere...

Here I want to talked how to organize daily journals in digital journal software, such as in EfficientPIM or Efficient Diary. Just download one and install well, then click New Entry, fill in Title and Content is OK. To be more attractive, you can add weather, mood icons, attachments, pictures, tables, links, even to change the fonts size, colors and so on.

So in few clicks, a journal is successfully created. If there are many records in the mainly window after months, the software can get them organized by:
1.Date view. These diary programs can automatically classify the lists into month management, for example, January, February and so on. Just click the month, you can get all diaries written in this month.

2.Group management. Except the date view, users can customize their own groups and assign lists to it, such as “random thought, work, friends...”

3.Export/import for bulk records management via .csv file.

4.Print out into paper files according to one’s requirement.

5.Set highly encrypted passwords against peeping by others...

Even more small features to help organize journals, you’d better to have a try yourself, then you can enjoy better.

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