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How to Organize My Life?

Many people always complain that they don’t have enough time in the day to finish all work or handle things in time, then they are suffering a common affliction of being too busy-- they have no time to spare, even no time to unwind... So they always consider they are the losers in life. Are they really so busy, or in lack of capability which waste more time...? No, this is because they are unorganized and inefficient in their life. So how to organize my life and make it more successful? Below tips maybe helpful.

Set goals first. Goal is considered as the life signs, if there are no goals, life will be like a broken kite without directions. Therefore, it is important to set short and long term goals, such as life long final goal, 10-year goal, 5-year goal, even short half year/one year goal... Then we have motivation to make them come true.

Make a plan, set deadline and prioritize them. Once we know our goals, then we should make a plan to make them come true. Write down your to do list in advance with deadline so that we have a sense of urgency. Besides we need to to set priorities so that we can assign time based on the principle of “First Thing First”. If one to do task is a little difficult to handle or related with many things, it is better to break it into smaller ones, then overcome them one by one. Of course, we can earn much confidence if we successfully handle them.

Set on time reminders. It is a human nature to forget something even if a good memory and it is overwhelming to remember all, right? So a reminder like a clock is much necessary, and some calendar reminder software are helpful to reminder our events and tasks in time if we are busy with others. With it, we can easily know what will do next, and never miss any appointments, meetings and so on, then to get things done efficiently.

Summarize ourselves everyday. Just spare 10 minutes to summarize what we have done, what have not done and why, it is better to write diaries or take notes, then we know how efficient we are and then how to improve in future?

Share and leaning. Open our heart and share our experiences with friends, families and more people, if luckily enough, we can earn some useful suggestions and methods in returns.

Show perseverance and be confidence. The idea of “three days fishing two days drying nets” is not adopted,perseverance is the truth. Of course, some rewards ourselves is suggested, for example, if I finish the monthly goal in time, I will reward myself a trip, is it attractive? Of course, if someone have more ideas on how to organize my life. Sincerely welcome for sharing.

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