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How to Organize Information?

This is our life.

Household chores: cooking, shopping, cleaning...

Work stuffs: meeting, reports, demos...

Social activities with friends: party, shopping...

Self improvement: studying, reading, training...

Hobbies: drawing, football, music...

So many things, how does EfficientPIM help to organize?


List all the things in the events or tasks module. If you prefer a completion rate, then do it in tasks module.


After list all the things, group them by categories. Then drag each one to the right group.

Now we have listed all the things that we will do. Then what should we do next? Follow the list and complete one by one? And the answer is no, we still have something else to do, here comes the No.3.

3.Importance and reminder

Some things are not very important, so we have to do next is to set the importance of each one. The most important thing comes the first and needs a reminder in case we forget it.

After setting the importance, we should consider the recurrence now.


Lots of things happen regularly, there is no need to add them each time, just set the recurrence, then it will be displayed as you want.

Now you have got the basic skills to organize information.

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