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How to Organize Your Office?

It is a common phenomenon in most places that most people lead a regular life line: home and office. Of course I am in such mode and so do my friends. As home and office are so important to us,do you want the space to look as professional and spiffy as you can. Yes,of course! So today we will talk about office, so how to organise your office well? Below tips can help create a good working environment.

1.Classify kinds of book/documents/files into different boxes and stick notes. Seeing such mountainous piles of papers can give a very bad first impression/disorderly look which could greatly reduce the work efficiency, even cost valuable time if someone wants to look for specific documents. So it is urgent to classify them correctly, it is better with different color and marks so that you can easily know what the file contains and finds the things you want easily.

2.Clean the desk and seek space for computers and other office equipment. How do you feel once your desk is crowded with computer, ipad, materials or other work related things? The brain will be messy as well after staying long time in such environment. So tidy the desk up and leave bigger space for electronic appliance and your seat, you will enjoy better.

3.Keep the floor clean all the time. A daily/weekly cleaning is highly recommended as the clean environment can create a better working atmosphere, even more creative than messy one.

4.Invite an efficient day planner management system. Specially for some busy people or some positions which need to handle a lot of chores everyday. Such planner can help organise all kinds of to-do checklist (such as projects scheduling/tracking, meetings, appointments, daily/monthly clean and so on) together and reminder at right, then you will never miss any one, even can properly arrange time and get things done efficiently. What’s more, such tool can help go
paperless work gradually, for example, you can records all contacts information in software instead of paper notebook, as well as the digital notes funcitons...

Moreover, there are other detailed tips need to know as well, so keep on learning, summarizing and practice everyday, we will do better and better in office organization and enjoy happier life!

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