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How to Organise Your Day?

The ways to organise your day will affect the productivity directly. By looking at the schedule of successful people, you will find that their day is well planned. You might think that they always have an assistant or a team to help them deal with it however you have to deal with all the mess by yourself? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

And we can help you out with that. By making your schedule with a few of ways listing below and you will find getting organised more easily, and reduce stress overall.

1.Get up early and study or something else that you like, just remember nothing work related

Usually you will have about 8 hours to get focused on work stuffs, so spend the time before that on doing something you like or study. Learn new things each day will improve yourself better. Doing your favor thing will refresh you and get ready for the coming work hours.

2.Start your work time by tackling the tasks you are dreading

After completing these kinds of tasks, you will get rid of the stress easily. It will increase the productivity of the rest of the day as you get the most annoying part of the work time over. On the other hand, you will feel accomplished after finished.

3.Break up your day with rest

For example 30 mins work then five mins break. Giving yourself 5 mins break, you will find yourself focused and energized within the whole work hours. As everybody knows human is not machine, you need have break when it needs break as Pomodoro Technique shows works with the brain’s attention span rather than against it.

4.Deal with small tasks can be done in three mins as soon as possible

How to organise your day to improve productivity? One key point is dealing with small tasks as fast as you can as any waiting might just be a waste of your time.

Now use them hack into your daily schedule, you will find organise your day more easily and get things done faster and better.

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