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How to Manage a Small Business?

How can a Small Business be Managed?

When it comes to small and medium businesses, they have a great limitation on the amount of money that they can spend on better networking inside the company. This inadequate resources spent on internal networking can make them lose so many good opportunities through which they can expand their horizons. EfficientPIM network is designed exclusively for smaller to medium sized business for sharing their data. This network edition has got all the features of the professional version. It includes the electronic diary, contacts, to do – lists, password's manager, notes, etc. This network edition also provides the facilities for the workers in an organization to access the same data and work on it so that the working efficiency can be enhanced. Understand the major features offered by it before you make the decision to choose it for your organization.

Data Sharing

All the members can have access to same data so that they can understand the current plan of the team. They can even assign tasks and also add new records into it. This sharing also helps the members in understanding the tasks assigned to them so that they can complete them in efficient manner.

Tracking Progress and Managing Performance

If a task that is to be performed by a member is completed, he or she can mark as it is done using a tick mark. There are also provisions for recording the progress of a task. This facility can help the authorities to easily evaluate the performance of each and every member working in their company. Rating of the team members can be much easily done by the team leaders and managers using such facility.

Separate Calendar

Each and every employee in the organization who logs into this network can have his or her own calendar that can be used for scheduling the various tasks. Each employee can have their personalized scheduler so that they can have their personal tasks marked on it.

Document Editor

Document editor available from EfficientPIM Network is something powerful as that of MS Word and can be used for writing the rules or regulations related with the team, for notes and also for writing the remarks. The document editor can be helpful in fulfilling almost all the kind of document editing needs.

Easy Search

You can easily find the information that you need in EfficientPIM Network through the search facility offered by it.

Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is a major part of this software. There is no need to worry if you are deleting some important information because it will be stored in recycle bin so that you can restore when necessary.

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