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How to Make Post It Notes?

Whether you are in good memory or bad memory, it is a little hard to memorize everything clearly and keep long, right? So many people use to write their to-do list, appointments, or other important information down on small papers and stick them to some visible place to get themselves notified, such as the notes on the desktop, wall, white board, refrigerator, even in notebooks, and we call it "sticky notes". Though it is effective in some way, comparing with environmental friendly, high technology, cost-effective, convenient, even automation and so on, the digital post it notes software wins more users and get things done more easily, so how to make post it notes in digital software? It is easy to do with following steps:

1.Install the post it notes software well and open it.

2.Add new note. Basiclaly, fill in title and content is OK, if you want to perfect it, you can add pictures, links, attachment, tables, emoticons, attachments, adjust fonts/background color, assign it to groups or categories and so on. Once done, just press the Save button is ok, all notes are listed in order.

If you want the notes to be visible all the time on the screen, you can create desktop notes, tick the check box “Show on desktop” or “Always on top”, set the transparency, then notes will be pasted on the screen vividly. Users can use this way to manage some important to do list, appointments /meetings or others and get reminder all the time.

On the whole, all the operations will be handled in few clicks, even you are not a computer master, you can handle all easily as well. Are you still hesitate? Just do it now!

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