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How to Make an Event Program?

With the fast grow of society, we have to deal with multiple events everyday no matter at home or in business position, such as house cleaning, cooking, appoints, dating, meetings, visiting, phone calls, emails, shopping and so on. Can we remember them all? It is a hard work to remember all for most people which lead to low appearance rate, even more serious actions. But with some efficient events programs, it is an easy work for everyone to handle all events correctly and increase the attendance rate. So how to make an event program and let it work?

1. Search and install one event program first. According to market feedback and kinds of data show, EfficientPIM (all-in-one software), Efficient Calendar and Efficient Reminder are good choices.

2. Create and schedule all events together. Above programs are special for events management and events reminder. Just click “New Event”, an editing window will popup and then fill in the content of your event is ok.

3. Build content according to your event contents.
A. Title. I believe everyone knows what is title—a summary of content, and from it you can easily get what the content will be. Such as “Annual meeting at Room 1 on 22nd, November.

B. Location and time. Pls carefully record the location and time so that you can prepare well and attend at right time. Even there is begin time and end time, if it is All-day-event, just click this check box, then event software will automatically generate the time and total time for you.

C. Recurrence. It is one the highlights of such event organizer. For example, somebody has to attend a meeting every morning (every week/month/year) at 9:00-9:30. He does not need to schedule this event everyday, just create one time, then click and tick the Recurrence module; the software will automatically list this event on the exact date.

D. Priority. Is it important, the most important, less important and so on? Set clearly so that you can allocate time efficiently and productively with principle of First Thing First.

E. Reminder. Want the events tool to notify at right time or before the time so that you can prepare in advance? Just tick this and choose the reminder time, then the software will act as a clock as well.

F. Comments and attachments. Any specified instructions or pictures or attachments, there is a powerful editor you can use like text, moreover, you can change background colors/ fonts, add attachments and so on as you like.

4. Manage in groups/categories, export/import if needed. Faced with so many records, it may be scatted a little. But don’t worry, groups or categories management will label them into corresponding column and make the windows clear. Once all settings are finished, click “Save” is ok.

5. Popup reminder.“at 10:00 you will do…” a popup reminder will come out when the reminder time (you set) reaches. Then you can focus on preparing…

Is it powerful? Once you make an event program well, it will work excellent with you by events management and event reminder, of course much efficiency and productivity you will get in return. Done once and benefit forever, why not hesitate?

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