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How to Make a To-Do List?

To do list is very common in daily life, some people use it to manage household chores and others prefer to keep records of things related to work. It plays a very important role as more and more people want to explore systems to get better organized as without it, things always be in a mess.

Some people might think making a to do list is simple and easy. However a properly structured list using appropriate software is hugely advantageous and we list some of the ways it can be done below.

Nowadays, there are two main ways to make todos, one is traditional with pen and notebook, the other which is becoming increasingly widely used is with the help of tasks management software program. No matter which one you prefer, here are some notes that might help make a better to do list.

1.Group Management

Lots of task items in the same page can be daunting. Time spent on grouping them is very rewarding. Also it helps when you edit the entries later.

2.Color Labeled Prioritization

A good to do list must have priorities. Some things are important, but others less important. So labeling all of them with different colors is beneficial and helps you complete them one by one.

3.Main Tasks and Subtasks Creation

If possible, try to create main tasks and subtasks. Sometimes, a task will last a longer period of time, and based on this, creating subtasks will help you to know what to do during the process very clearly and be more focused.

4.When It Starts and How Long It Will Last

Time setting for each task will help you control the whole to do list.

5.Reminder Setting

With the traditional way, makes reminders a little tricky. We have to check our watches continually to see how much time is left for this task and when we should start the next one. In other words, it slows you down and reduces your productivity. A to do list program solves this problem.

In summary, making a to-do list is very important especially when you have lots of work to do. A better to do list will improve productivity and get life well organized.

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