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How to Make a Journal

Making a journal or diary is considered as a great way to express and keep record of our innermost thoughts and feelings.

When I was young, I had been assigned to keep a journal everyday for writing skill practice, so I took it as a task and become annoying at last.

Then, with tons of homework and academic pressure, I had no place or anyone to release, journal is my only place to pour out.

Gradually now, I am accustomed to making a journal every day and it becomes my private honey Eminem. I can feel free to reveal my deepest thought on work, love, daily life and so on to it and it makes my inner world more and more beautiful.

No longer use the traditional way to make a journal with pens and papers, now I am using the Efficient Diary software, one high tech, digital, fast, simple, easy keeping and private secure tool from Efficient Software to computerize journal. Just few clicks in install, establish new entry with what you wanna say, save, then set a password if needed, a simple journal is made.

To make our journals more beautiful and memorable, the software has embedded many powerful functions, such as the icons of weather, emotions; customized interface styles, fonts and background colors for personal favorite; phone/camera pictures/ attachments inserting; even category and group management, fast global search with simple letters, batch export and import, etc. In the whole, it is hard to express how good the software is unless you have try.

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