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How to Improve Your Life?

Life can be harsh if you just stand there, life can be better if you move forward, life can be full of happiness and charming if you try to feel it and improve it.

How to improve your life?

Make your house and work place clean

As we all know that, a good environment can make people feel good. Life being organized start with the surroundings’ getting organized. At the same time, when you do cleaning, your brain is in a relaxed state which will help you manage the next things in a clear mind. Also good environment helps keep healthy.

Analyze present condition

List the good and bad side on the paper. Ask yourself why it is good or bad and how to avoid the bad side.

Write down your goal

Writing down your goal can help you know what you are going to do. It’s easy to lose yourself if you do not have a goal. Do not forget to make your goal be achievable.

Make a to do list

Making a to do list based on your goal, and make it as clear as it can be. Prioritize the most important task. After you finish one, cross it off from the list, which will help you check those tasks left and complete them one by one.

Keep notes

Keep the ideas with the help of notes instead of your memory only. Practices tell us memory sometimes does not work fine, right?

Have a rest

After long time’s working, you will feel very tired. It’s not helpful for you to continue. You can follow this pattern: 45 minutes’ working then 10 minutes’ rest.

Spend time with your families or friends

Life is nothing without friends and families. Share your happiness or sadness with them will help you know more about yourself, improve yourself, overcome the difficulties and look forward to the future.

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