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How to Help Your Teen Get Organized

In our eyes, it was always great time when we were teenagers. When we met some troubles, we could just cry out loudly to get pressure released; when we had some happy things, just laughed out and shared them with partners to achieve double happiness. In another word, all of us were extremely simple and naive and there was no need for us to worry about too much at that time.

Even though we enjoyed such great days, there were also many defects on us, such as hard to be focused and poor time management, which are the major headache things for all teachers. So, how to help your teen get organized if you are a teacher. In the most cases, 10 students have 10 different personality types. As a result, you must teach students in accordance with their own aptitude. However, there is one thing which is equal to every one – Time. All human beings only have 24 hours in a day, but different people get different results at the end of the day. Hence, good time management methods make great contribution to better results.

Getting Things Done (GTD), which was put forward by David Allen, is one of the most famous time management theories all over the world. The major principle of GTD is to make a to-do list in advance and get tasks done according to their priority order. And the major steps are collect, process, organize, plan and do. Once people organized their time based on GTD, they can improve their work efficiency and live in a well-organized life. As far as managing teenagers’ time, teachers should tell them more effective yet easy methods so that they can achieve better result after a whole day study. For example, when to prepare lessons before class, when to finish homework, when to review lessons and so on. The more accurate the time is the better.

Surely, there are a lot of task reminder software programs which are designed to implement GTD time management method in the market. You can recommend them to get one so that they will never forget to do homework or other important things. And it is widely suggested to find one which has PC version and Mobile version. Consequently, they can synchronize data across their devices.

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