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How to Get Through Your To Do List?

The common scene is: your are very busy in working, but actually, you do nothing or little. When checking the to do list, there is, but it is not clear enough to understand and handle. So how to get through your to do list clearly, below tips may help:

1.Create a to do list with more details. To make more people besides yourself know or do better, the more details are necessary. For example, I only write "reading" in the to do tasks list, do you know what I will do? Of course not. However, if I write more words, such as "read book Severn Habits of Highly Effective People" "before go to bed" "habit 4"... So now are you clear this reading task? Yes. Basically, title, location, some notes are needed.

2.Set begin/end time clearly as well as time reminder. This is commonly known as deadline/time frame, I believe most people may feel tasks urgent only when the deadline time is coming soon. Without deadline,we ourselves may take little care on it gradually, even forget at last. Even in combination with time reminder, we can handle them well on time and never miss any one.

3.Mark priorities. We always distinguish tasks into many kinds to assign our time properly, such as the most important tasks, important ones, less important ones or the least important ones and others. Of course, according to the 2/8 principle, the most important ones must take the most time, then we can gain the best results. Yes, through the priorities, we can easily know how important it is and decide the process order, even form a good habit of “First Thing First”.

4.Break the big tasks down into smaller ones. If a task relates many things, it is better to break it done into many smaller component parts (we call it sub-tasks) to make it more manageable, of course this makes us less terrifying. Then we can deal with sub-tasks one by one with great confidence till the whole tasks are finished.

5.Review and track the progress/status of lists, hidden or clear the finished tasks to make the interface clean.

To sum up, once you done well in every steps above, you can easily get through the to do list, get well organised and get things done efficiently and productively!

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