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How to Get Things Done?

Since David Allen published Getting Things Done, this kind of behavior management becomes most people’s favor. They try their best to work without pressure and focus on the things which is underway. 

Make a plan ahead

It does not cost you much time, just few minutes. Although the time is short, it brings long term benefits.p

Make to do list

Make a plan for your day, you will know and understand it clearly what you will do. While you making a to-do list, you need assign them to a specific time. It helps know your lists and follow it in a better way.p

Mark the most important tasksp

Usually there are some tasks are much more important than others, you can prioritize the tasks in terms of the importance of each one. It’s important that you focus on these tasks first.p

Track your progress

Some tasks cannot be finished in a day, you need take note about the progress, such as how much you have completed.

Balance your time

Then you will complete your tasks in a fast and efficient way as it can be.p

Have a rest

Have a rest can help you stay awake and be more focused. A couple of minutes after very hours can allow you to relax yourself catch your breath.

Prepare some gifts

As the reward after you complete your tasks in a fast and efficient way.


Before being off duty, do a summary can help you make a clear plan for tomorrow.

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