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How to Get Things Done in a Hurry

In our lives we never seem to have enough time. We always seem to be in a hurry. there is so much to do and it all has to be done in a rush. My boss asks me "can you do those figures for me" I reply yes , when do you need them by?" and invariably he says "yesterday". At which point I used to sob into my tea because the pile of stuff to do was already huge and I had been putting off doing all the things I don't really like doing and it all got too much. However I met someone who said 'why don't you write lists the all you have to do is check of the stuff and you know what is left to do. Of course you all know what is coming next. lol. Yep the EfficientPIM pitch. But actually it really works for me because I can set priorities for tasks now with this software and somehow it all seems to get done on time. This is because I am calmer about the workload knowing I have a schedule and a routine to follow. (And I also say to my boss when he says 'yesterday', which things would you like doing by yesterday first!)

So it's all about getting things done in a hurry. What I want to share with you is how to prioritize using this software and how to use it not only for office work but for loads of other things in your daily life. The first thing you need to do is always write down new tasks immediately and categorize them into groups. When you have done this then you can set the priorities. Let's take a PA and do a typical list

Get subscription to Office Weekly for Darren

Write to Bank about overdraft

Do spreadsheet of expenses

Book flights for Europe trip

Get hotels for Amsterdam and Paris

Email trip details to standard list of contacts

Organize conference venue

Order more A4 graph paper

Get list of participants for Expo 2016

Book Stand for Expo 2016

So the first thing to do is enter all these on EPIM and group them together. Then set the priorities to the 'Yesterday' factor. Then color the really import items in each group .Now you have a schedule and you add to it as more things come up for each group and cross off the ones you have done.

Still in a hurry? Let EPIM take the strain for you!

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