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How to Get Sticky Notes on the Desktop?

The definition of desktop notes in Wikipedia: Desktop notes are computer applications that allow putting Post-it note-like( sticky notes) windows on the screen, with reminders, short notes and other clippings. They are typically rectangular and yellow, like their real-world counterpart, but most applications support other colors and more elaborate designs.

Efficient Sticky Notes, which is a little but highly suggested useful application that allows you to create color sticky notes on desktop and easily edit by double clicking on the note or right-click notes on the desktop. The notes can be moved around the desktop and be of any color as you want. You can select font, size and style of the text as well. As regards functionality, the program is workable in Windows and Vista O/ S. One great thing of Efficient Sticky Notes is that you can create as many different notes as you want, place them wherever you like, even easy search function to find the ones you forget. In addition, the user interface is extremely simple and easy to use.

To create a new note, you can do in two ways:
1.Directly click ' New Desktop Notes'.
2.Choose one notes on the desktop, right-click mouse button and select ' New Desktop Notes'.

To get sticky notes on the desktop, you can:
mark √ or blank 'Show on desktop' in the notes editing window. Even you can set different transparency levels, so they won't crowd your desktop or disturb your work. Also you right-click the notes on desktop to enable show on desktop or not.

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