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How to Get Organized with PIM Software?

Nowadays, living under a big pressure of work and personal life, it’s easy for you to feel that everything seems to be out of order sometimes even sucks. What should you do to make your life lighted by high efficiency and much happiness like the ground lighted by sunshine or moonlight? What is personal information management software?

As the fast pace as the world move forward, to manage your work and life to fit it is an necessary. Personal information management software is a fantastic tool for your to manage your life in an efficient way. It always allows you to manage your time, tasks, events, notes,etc.

How to get organized?

1. Choose the right personal information manager

There are many different kinds of PIM applications, so sounds it is difficult to choose. However, almost all the programs offer free trial, which is the most important experience for us to make the final decision. Never try to skip this step, or you may miss the right organizer.

2. Write down your plan

This plan can contains all the things related to your to do lists, your appointments, your notes, and so on. Remember that it’s a must to write down your plan cause it’s easy to forget by other trifles’ interference. And make it as detailed as it can be.

3. Track your plan

Usually all the PIM program enables you to track your to do lists or your appointments. For example, after you finish half of you tasks, you can set the progress as 50%. After you finish it, you can mark it as 100% and then cross it off from your task lists.

4. Use reminder or sticky notes

Reminder can be message sent via your phone or email or just the pop-up reminder window at the desktop. Any way can help you know what you should do right now or for the next moment. If the software contains sticky notes function, you can create some sticky notes to avoid missing your messages cause nowadays many people are getting used to spend much time on working and living at the computer.

5. Hide or delete out dated plan

Through it, you can easily find what you have done and what you haven’t done, then complete them one by one.

6. Check your data every day

Check it every day can help you know your goal clearly and where you are moving toward to. And the same time for you to improve your plan by analyzing long time’s practice and experience.

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