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How to Get Organized in Your Home

We housewives have a mountain of work to get through each day, each week, each year and I have lost count of the amount of times I said to myself 'I wish I could get more organised'. There never seems to be enough time in the day and its not just that I have more to do than anyone else, it's because I can't seem to do stuff in the right order. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, mending, walking the dog, driving the kids, watering the plants and what about my hair? When can I get that done.

I started to write lists, because I thought at least that would be all in one place and not just a jumble of sticky notes on the fridge door, most of which were out of date. But the lists did not help either. I started by writing a list of what I had got in the freezer. Then I bought a special pad for menus, and then another one shopping but the problem was that as soon as I had crossed stuff off the list I need to add more stuff to it and the whole thing became a mess.

Then a friend told me about a program that I could use to manage my life and since I bought it in my life has been transformed because all the entries I make can be sorted and deleted and have reminders set. This means that now I know exactly what I need to do every day and when and in what order. I have actually found I got some free time last. The freezer list is permanently up to date, so is the freezer list because I just delete things as we use them up and enter new stuff by transferring it to and from the shopping list and the weekly menu list. Nothing to write down any more. It just seems to take care of itself.

So now my day looks something like this. Check the diary, take the kids to school, shop (today’s menu and shopping list is of course already printed out he he), walk the dog, clean flat, afternoon nap, then ring friends, Facebook and twitter and then prepare dinner. All that’s left is an evening with a glass and the telly. Only problem now is that my fellow mums don't have time to talk to me so I am going to let them in on my secret (eventually he he.).

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