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How to Get Organized for School?

There are so many things that a teacher needs to remember in daily life at the school. He needs to remember his daily schedule which can vary from day to day, to say nothing of the individual tasks for each student. One example would be to contact the students parents to advise of a particular problem, another would be to go through a particular piece of homework with a student.

Then there are various tasks that a teacher has to perform such as organizing field trips, sports days, setting homework. All of these can be made so much easier by the use of Efficient To-Do List. Let us say for example that a field trip to see a local geographic feature is needed for class VI. The teacher would need to contact the travel company, sort out the fees, collect from the parents, arrange meeting times and places, arrange the schedule for the day, arrange for food during the trip etc etc. There are two things that will be important in creating this list. Firstly to group everything together under a major heading like "trip to Wulong 15 June 2015" and then to analyze and set the order in which things needed doing so that a list of priorities can be viewed after entering the short headings in it.

Then it was just a matter of keeping it on one corner of the screen and working through the list. All the details that accompany each heading like the telephone numbers of the bus company and restaurant can be instantly retrieved when the task is due and this saves an enormous amount of time looking up the information.

Efficient to-do list will then become an indispensable part of every teachers daily routine and provide an organized and efficient schedule for him to follow without giving it a second thought.

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